COVID-19 Safety Procedures

We're so happy to have reopened, but first some safety rules (thanks, COVID)

Grab a mask:
All customers and staff gotta wear 'em. It's not only a great kindness we can do for each other, it's the law.
Get handsy:
A whole lotta hand sanitizer can be found at the front of the shop. Pump ya some goodness.
Stand back:
Floor decals throughout the shop will you how good six feet can look. We need a little space (it's not you, it's us). 
Give it a try:
Fitting rooms will be fully cleaned and sanitized after each use including hooks, surfaces and hangers.
Oh so clean:
All surfaces - tables, door handles, shelves, you name it - will be cleaned and sanitized by our staff, multiple times a day.
Stay home:
Don't feel 100? We love ya, but please stay home. You can always shop online.
Please note, per phase 3 guidelines, we now have a six customer occupancy limit.